Lovely Charts iPad Edition now available on the App Store!

Desktop Edition

Mac, Windows, Linux

Work anywhere, anytime, as you want.
Save and open diagrams on your hard drive, on a shared file server, in a version-controlled folder, or in a DropBox folder, for instant collaboration.


Import images AND vector symbols. Create, share & import your own libraries. Search, right from the app.

Super easy

Automatic layouts. Generate diagrams from text files. Native keyboard shortcuts, drag&drop system integration...

Free online app!

The Desktop Edition's licence includes a one year subscription to Lovely Charts Online Premium. Click here for more info.


Key features

Ease of use


  • Filter effects
  • Enhanced Text controls
  • Pixel-perfect connections
  • Advanced links control
  • Drawing guides


  • Create & Share libraries
  • Work offline, on any platform
  • Native menus & keyboard shortcuts
  • Desktop integration
  • Automatic updates


Simply click the badge on the right to download and install Lovely Charts Desktop Edition.

The Demo version will let you create and export as many diagrams as you want, but saving and opening options are disabled.

By installing this software you are agreeing to our Lovely End User License Agreement.

If you have any problems installing, I'd recommend trying installing Adobe AIR first, before installing the LovelyChartsDesktop.AIR app.

If this still doesn't work, drop me a line and I'll do my best to help you out!

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You can download Lovely Charts Desktop Edition for free, create and export as many diagrams as you like, but if you'd like to save, open, maintain revisions of those, you'll need a license key.

All Desktop Edition licenses include a free one-year Online Premium account.

Unlocking Lovely Charts Desktop Edition is a simple 4 steps process:

  1. Complete your order below. We use Paypal as our secure payment provider, meaning we accept all major credit cards, e-checks and Paypal payments, but you don't need a Paypal account to purchase.
  2. Download and install Lovely Charts Desktop, if you haven't done it already
  3. Check your mailbox for a confirmation message containing your license key and a link to your invoice
  4. Unlock your copy of Lovely Charts Desktop with your email and license key, and enjoy !